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5 Good Exercises for Defined Jawline

The exercises below with guide you to a more defined jawline.

There are a ton of exercises to shape one’s body in any desired way. But face muscles are usually ignored by most of us, which results in the saggy appearance of the neck and face. When fats increase, jaw muscles begin to shrink, and skin starts sagging. Resultantly, the jawline becomes unclear.

Saggy skin isn’t a disorder. It’s completely normal due to genetic and aging factors. The only drawback is compromised and aged appearance, which is quite a significant one. If you want to get a perfectly defined jawline without any harmful surgeries, then a few jawline exercises can serve the purpose for you.

You might be wondering how to get a jawline, and if jawline exercises work in real life. The short answer is yes! Exercises are effective in getting a defined jawline, and most of these exercises can be found almost everywhere and, to be honest, most of them are out of date. Here, take a look at the exercises below:

Let’s first talk about a few famous jawline exercises before explaining their worth;

Vowel Exercises

Lips are the center of our facial beauty. Their proper shape is vital to get a satisfactory appearance in no time. To shape lips muscles, vowel exercises are usually recommended, which covers sounding and stretching your mouth in a particular pattern.

Step 1: Open up your mouth to sound the vowel “O.” While doing so, make sure to exaggerate the vowel to properly tighten the muscles.

Step 2: Now, do the same with the “E” vowel.

Keep on repeating these two movements to further amplify the effect.

Chin Up Exercises

To get better with the lower half of your face, chin-up exercises can be of great help. These jawline exercises lift up your facial muscles, including jaws. Let’s give them a try;

Step 1: First, close your mouth and smoothly push your jaw in the forward direction

Step 2: Now lift up your lower lip. Make sure to push it enough, so your jawline and chin muscles get the feel out of it

Step 3: Hold it for 10 seconds before repeating it multiple times

Neck Curl-Up

This is one of the significant exercises to boost up your neck muscles. It’s just like abdominal curl or crunch. Generally, neck curl-up exercise activates the rarely used neck muscles.

Step 1: First, lay down straight on your back.

Step 2: Now, it’s time to press your tongue against the top of your mouth.

Step 3: Smoothly lift up your head about 2 to 3 inches from the ground and try to bring your chin to chest.

Step 4: Finally, take your head back to the ground and repeat it multiple times.

As these muscles are rarely used, so always be careful from any kind of pain. If you start feeling pain, immediately discontinue the exercise.

It’s always recommended to take advice from experts and tried and tested methods. Any irregularities can result in serious complications.

Collarbone Backup Exercise

Collarbone exercises can activate your chin muscles. Irrespective of your position, whether lying, seated, or standing, you can easily perform this exercise. Let’s figure out how to get a jawline;

Step 1: First, take your position. Sit down on a chair or on the floor

Step 2: Now, slowly bring your head down until your neck muscles feel the contraction. While doing so, make sure to keep your ears over the shoulders and chest as still as possible.

Step 3: Try to maintain the position for 30 seconds before repeating the same in forwarding motion.

Tongue Twister

If you are still finding how to get a jawline, then tongue twister jawline exercise can be a good start for you.

Step 1: First, place your tongue on the upper side of your mouth, just behind the teeth.

Step 2: Now, to create tension, press your tongue against the mouth roof.

Step 3: While doing the first two steps, start making ‘humming’ and vibrating sounds to activate neck and jaw muscles.

Do Jawline Exercises Work?

That’s a million-dollar question: do jawline exercises work, and can they leave a positive impact? Jawline exercises usually work, but their execution needs to be properly learned and digested before practical implementation. Basically, jaw and neck muscles are usually underdeveloped, and wrong execution can result in severe neck strain and pain. On top of that, most of these exercises don’t yield any satisfactory outcomes if done without a proper mechanism.

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