chronic back pain

1 Tip To Cure Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Back pain can be debilitating, I know — I have been there.

And my goal in this article is to give you a tool-kit of useful at-home tips you can use to keep yourself nimble, pain free, so you can accumulate & increase energy in every part of your body, so you can enjoy a healthy long life.

Now, simple and effective home based solutions to alleviate the pain is what you want. So here are some tips to help cure some pain.

To be honest, I added more than one tip, so that you can go through them yourself, and when you find the one that does the job the way you want, and  need it to — that’ll be your number one!

But, I will tell you that many of the tips you see below add some value, so, using a few of them and then customizing a personal regimen for yourself, is probably the best way to go about it. Here we go….

Tip 1: Use a heating pad or ice pack

There are many different ways to treat pain. One of the easiest and cheapest is using a heating pad or ice pack.

Applying heat will help loosen tense muscles, while cold will help reduce inflammation. Experiment with both until you find what works best for you. (3 to 5 minutes a day is all you need).

Tip 2: Stretch regularly


Stretching is another great way. And there is a reason we have been hearing this since grammar school … Its works!

But why is it that we don’t do it more often? When you stretch, you’re loosening up your muscles and increasing blood flow, which can help alleviate pain, stiffness, and reduce the amount of discomfort you feel throughout the day.

Do this everyday, the moment you get up in the morning. So easy. Oh, and make sure to take your time and hold each stretch for at least 20 seconds to get the most benefit.

While you are at it, why not add a light aerobic exercise every day. This will help keep your muscles strong and flexible.

If you have to sit for long periods of time, make sure to take breaks and stretch every so often. Meaning, get out of the chair and take a walk every 45 minutes to an hour.

Or, Instead of taking a walk, you could bend over and touch your toes for 60 seconds, which relieves tension throughout your entire body.

The breaks not only contribute to your wellbeing and recovery, they also help your mind reset, which helps for stimulating new and fresh ideas.

Tip 3: Get a new mattress

Kind of an expensive tip, I know, but, studies show that your mattress ‘could be’ the culprit for your discomfort. Before you go out and get one though, we are going to incorporate more low-cost remedies first, but I would still like to share the benefits of having a new mattress:

A new mattress will help to support your spine and keep your body aligned while you sleep. This will help to reduce the amount of pain that you experience during the night.

Now, If you are unable to afford a new mattress, consider purchasing a memory foam pad to put on top of your current mattress. This will provide you with some extra support and comfort.

Tip 4: Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly is another great way to help cure pain. You see, when we exercise we stimulate circulation throughout the body, and when we do that, we mildly un-tie knots of built-up tension, which alleviates pain.

One way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine is this: when you wake up, turn over to your side and slip onto the floor and get started. Push ups, sit ups, stretching, leg raises etc. (…It doesn’t matter).

All that matters is that you do it, even for 3 minutes. It’ll make the world of difference, plus, it’ll keep you lean, too.

Tip 5: Sleep on your back

One of the most important tips to cure pain in your back is to sleep on it. This will help keep your spine in alignment and reduce the stress on your back.

If you find it uncomfortable to sleep on your back, try using a pillow or rolled-up towel by placing it on the affected (painful) area. Or, if you find greater comfort by sleeping on your side, try using a pillow between your knees so your spine can remain aligned and the energy can flow.

Tip 6: Get a massage

One of the best things you can do to help with pain is to get a massage. Massages are not only relaxing, but they also help to loosen up tight muscles and relieve tension.

If you can’t afford to get regular massages, try to get one at least once a month. You may find that your pain subsides significantly after just a few massages.

If you’re not able to get a massage once per month, there are other ways to loosen up your muscles, like with yoga poses. These will help stretch out your muscles and ease the tension that’s been building up. Be sure to take it slow and easy when starting out – you don’t want to cause yourself any more harm.

Tip 7: Yoga for the pain

Yoga is a great way to cure pain. Yoga helps stretch and strengthen the muscles in your back, which can help reduce pain. Yoga also helps improve your flexibility, which can make it easier to move around and do everyday activities. If you’re not sure how to do yoga, there are plenty of online tutorials that can show you how.

There are also several yoga poses that are specifically designed to help relieve back pain.

The Child’s Pose you see below is a great pose for beginners, and it helps stretch the lower back muscles. Childs Pose

The Cat-Cow Pose is another good pose for stretching the back muscles.

cat pose

The Downward Dog Pose is a great pose for strengthening the back muscles.


Downward dog

And the Bridge Pose is a good one too.

bridge pose


As you have seen, there are many things you can do to alleviate your pain. Most options are free, and some can be very expensive like purchasing a new mattress.

Here at Life Force Secrets we incorporate many of the tips you have just read about, but we rely most on Chi BodyWork for long-term results. You see, Chi BodyWork is the harmonizing of Eastern and Western Acupressure methods that untie knots and keeps us at our very best.

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