“Youth is a gift of nature, but 

age is a work of art.”

-Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

My Story


My name is Eric Valdivieso.

I’m probably the youngest looking 50 year old you will ever meet.

And, I achieved this, with a deliberate single-minded strategy,
putting my health first and foremost
using proven, safe, and all-natural techniques.

Treat myself like royalty, make myself feel a million dollars – and make myself feel happy…

…give my body the attention it needs for long lasting natural energy, vitality and total body health — which directly influences my happiness…

The techniques work. And still do. What’s more, I look younger as I get older. And, everyone agree’s I don’t look a day older than 35 as a result.


Prior to studying Body Work & Natural Face-lifting, I learned Tai Chi, which brought me face-to-face with the celebrated teacher to notable

stars and influentials, Grand Master Ahn, in 1995.

Within a year of following his instruction, he promoted me to junior instructor — which usually takes five years.

I worked hard, trained seven days a week, learning Chi Kung, Push Hands, Wu Chi Breathing and many, many other Eastern and Western disciplines.

I started training more and more people, too.

Then, Master Ahn shared his anti-aging, wrinkle reducing, and body alignment secrets with me — which he accumulated over 60 years.

I was honored, felt good, and needed to give something back.

Improving people’s lives, keeps my life on track.

Phone: +1 201-332-2096

Email: support@lifeforcesecrets.com

Eric Valdivieso