How To Stroke Wrinkles Right Off Of Your Face!


“Don Ahn’s five-minute a-day natural face lifting techniques have made me look noticeably younger. In my opinion, his system merits the serious attention of any woman, or man, who is interested in retaining a youthful appearance.” – Cindy Crawford, American model 

“Don’s methods on touch are raw, real, and will help the reader prevent a loosened skin, wrinkles, pouches, jowls and other signs of ageing. It is a new approach, but vastly superior to the usual methods.” -Diane Keaton, American Actress

Disclaimer: The following statements are backed by decades of peer-reviewed research. Read on to learn more…

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    Don has made a monumental discovery that may do for your face—

    As it has for hundreds of other men and women—what the most expensive cosmetics and plastic surgery in the world…

    Have utterly been unable to accomplish. The firm, yet, natural look. 

    All you need are your own two thumbs—a mirror—and the secrets we send you to look over & read.

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    Once you have looked over the brief pages, you will understand the theory behind this remarkable new method of facial rejuvenation. 

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    With this book–and you prove, ON YOUR OWN SKIN AS REFLECTED IN YOUR MIRROR, 

    That you can diminish, or even erase, certain lines on your face, USING NOTHING MORE THAN YOUR OWN TWO THUMBS.

    This is the reason why we offer this book to you as an instant downloadable pdf—

    Because we know that you would not want to wait, for any amount of time, to see what it can do for your face in just a few minutes alone! 

    What you are going to do is this: You are going to turn to page 105, and study two simple movements with your thumb and then begin to treat your forehead.

    You should learn both of them in about 10 seconds. Then you are going to put down the book—you are going to look in your mirror—and you are going to count the wrinkles and lines that have turned your forehead “old” for years.

His no-nonsense techniques are safe, sensible, and effective for firming the facial tissue, improving circulation which makes for a healthy skin and youthful glow.”
– Eric Roberts, American Actor 

    Then you are going to apply the first movement for 30 seconds. You are going to stop—

    Check the second movement with the book—and use it for an additional 30 seconds on your forehead. 

    Then you are going to use the third finger-movement for 30 seconds. And then you are going to stop…

    You are going to bend forward to look into that mirror again…and the realization is going to pour through your body that a whole new world of beauty has suddenly been built into your own two thumbs!

This Is Don’s Guarantee! At Least Some Forehead Lines MUST GO In That First Session Alone---

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    Let Don remind you of this fact again: Hundreds of men and women before you have already gone through this same transformation.  

(Except that they paid him $175 per session—and you will pay only a fraction of that price for the entire method).

    Once again: Hundreds of men and women have already seen lines vanish from their foreheads in this very first session. 

    Don believes that YOU MUST TOO—or get every cent of your money back!

Life Force is a form of practical magic that really works. It can not only make you a superman or woman, it can make you feel like one. Master Ahn’s book is a door into a world that is better than stoned, his Tai Chi way is somewhere between exercise and ecstasy. Its practice has added a dozen years to my career and my happiness. So simple, so effective.”
– Iggy Pop, American musician 

    Or—after you have proved it on your own forehead, and go on to apply this incredible method to every square inch of your face (p76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81) neck (page 76 & 82) and body (p32 through 73).  Like this…


    As you now begin to explore this book more deeply, you will learn that certain problem areas demand certain ingenious solutions.

    For example, those tiny pucker lines you see above your month are a symptom of weak underlying muscles—

    And you now strengthen them with an ingenious striking motion of your fingers at the corners of that mouth. 

Don is the man. None of this choreography or pretend bullshit. The real deal, and he keeps me looking good.” – Quentin Tarantino, American Film Director

     Nothing makes a previously-beautifully face more ugly than the deep furrows that begin to engrave themselves between nose and mouth. 

    These demand two separate methods of attack—one, a gentle stroking; the other, a gently lifting exercise.

(Both are so delicate that you may hardly feel them. But your mirror will show you the difference in a week or two).

Master Ahn learned acupressure techniques in his childhood from his grandfather, and has also studied Korean and Japanese Shiatsu intermittently since 1953, as well as various Western forms of body work and natural face lifting techniques over the past 60 years.

Chi BodyWork© is the result of this harmonizing of both the Eastern and Western methods.
face lift at home
Don Ahn

    Eye bags and crow’s feet have been the despair of men and women for generations.  

    Neither can ever be completely removed, except by a plastic surgeon. But short, light strokes—done as shown on page 5—can come electrifyingly close. 

Prove It Yourself Without Risk!

    And much more. An “instant mouth lift” for drooping corners. How to understand and restore body alignment.

    The difference between light and deep tissue massage. The secret to healthy and unhealthy vertical spine and neck postures; and how to fix a double chin. 

    The influence of feet position and how it affects your back. The real reason our bodies lean towards the right or left, and what to do to fix it..

12 men cant push Don
Master Ahn not only mastered face-liftng and bodywork, but he is one of the rare Tai Chi teachers who also mastered rooting power, and opened his Tan Tien. 12 people can't uproot and push him.

    A simple solution to knee pain, and the cure for fallen arches. At home solutions to treat: lower, middle and upper back problems. Hip pain. Ankle pain. Stomach pain. 

Don Ahn fixed my back. I’d been on the road doing three shows a day, in Europe and the United States, and I was hurting. Low back pain, like a toothache, just keeps throbbing. Don worked on my back, then on my posture. He showed me how to stand and how to keep my back healthy. That was two years ago. I have been free of back pain ever since. Don Ahn worked his magic on me.”  – David Copperfield, American Magician 

    And much more. All yours to prove without risking a penny in Don Ahn’s remarkable book, Chi BodyWork©—or, How To Use Your Thumbs To Save Your Face. Its cost is only $149.

    This is less than you would spend on a single treatment in a beauty parlor, to try and conceal the lines that this book may remove for you in minutes. 

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Is it worth a few minutes of your time, and no risk, to try this new method on your own face today?”  

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Life Force is a thoroughly comprehensive study of all the elements of needs in order to focus and center the mind. Whether you do Tai Chi, Yoga, or some form of Meditation, Life Force is a must have for anyone who wants to enhance their awareness and perform on a whole new level.”
– Jill Clayburgh, American actress

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Eric Valdivieso

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