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Chi BodyWork

Chi Body Work: How it all started

It starts right after we are born, our physical and psychological structure.  newborn babySome people tilt their head to the right, others tilt to the left. 


After 20 or 30 years, this habit becomes part of the person and cannot be changed easily.  All these physical habits are subconsciously learned from the mother, father, caregivers, or others close to the child.

As children we learn a lot of good things, but also lots of unhealthy things.  Of course, neither the parents nor the child are aware of what is being taught or learned.  As one may see in a nature documentary, a newly hatched duckling may follow a goose or a human, or whomever it first lays eyes upon. 

In a similar way, a newly born child is a blank canvas, and imitates whoever comes around the infant. chicks following mother

Like a mirror, the child unconsciously reflects that person’s habit of physical posture: walking, sitting and standing styles.  There was once a five-year-old child with its left foot stepping outward like a duck, and I saw the mother walking the same way.  I corrected the child’s posture fairly easily in one Chi Body Work session, but the mother took over one year to get a result without ever correcting the problem completely.   

After we become a self-reliant and conscious adult at age 18 years, one has the control to let go of unhealthy habits learned subconsciously.  However, only about 1-5% of people in the general population become conscious enough to successfully let go of the unhealthy habits learned as a child.  We fear the unknown and become slaves to inertia. 

To rectify the unnatural physical postures and attitudes, one has to be conscious of one’s behavior and pursue correcting it with patient discipline for a long time.  Otherwise, if the mother has a huge hump back and is 40 pounds overweight then the child may become the same, until death. 

Natural and unnatural postures Unnatural posturealso breed healthy and unhealthy attitudes.  While watching the cable news channel, I see there are three types of neck postures.  Usually the conservative news anchors tilt their heads to the right and sit with little movement of the head.  The liberal news anchors usually tilt their heads to the left and move the body nervously while talking.  Most people with a military background such as a general, colonel, marine, or soldier, etc. keep their head straight up, as they learned in training.

So these are my final words:

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