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Light Tissue Vs Deep Tissue Massage

Light tissue vs deep tissue massage: What’s the difference?

In this article we are going to finally break down the difference between Light tissue and Deep tissue massage, and which one you should be spending your hard-earned earned money on.

First, let’s go over what they are, but I am going over this quickly, because let’s be honest, I am sure you already have a pretty good idea. Let’s get started.

Light tissue (or Swedish) massage and deep tissue massage are two forms of massage. No kidding.

Light massage uses long soft strokes to provide nothing more than relaxation. Period.

On the other hand, Deep tissue massage is a technique that requires more pressure and releases greater amounts of tension in the muscles and connective tissues. This is what we want, always!

They share some similarities, but only some. Read on and find out what I really think about em both.

You see, both styles of massage provide value, by releasing tension and stimulating the circulation within the muscles. Cool.

But one never gets the to root of the problem, and if it does, it’s because you have went on to spend X amount of dollars on 15 — 60-minute sessions that cost anywhere from $90 to $150 a pop. That is a lot of money!

And that is the reason I have a little bit of a gripe with practitioners of Light massage. I mean come on, you know that they know its going to take many, many sessions to untie your muscle-knots using very little to no pressure. In essence, what you are getting is a massage that makes you feel good while you are getting the massage. That’s it.

But what about getting real benefits … When do you get that during the session? You don’t!  (I mean, you’ll probably knock out and take a nap during your session, and I guess thats cool, but why spend $90 for that, when you can easily take all of your linen sheets, wash them, get into bed, and achieve the same result. Plus, you are already home and you just saved yourself 90 bucks. Which, I might add, could go towards 4 really nice bottles of Nebbiolo Red wine… and have it delivered, too!)  

This not an article about being thrifty, not at all, but it is an article about making the right choice.

You see, practitioners of Light massage are aware that you need many many sessions, and that is the main reason why I find these practitioners to be Charlatans. Only offering you the bare minimum while charging you a premium. “…come again”$

Now that I got that off my chest, lets talk about Deep tissue massage, or, massage that really works.

Deep tissue massage is mainly used to releasing deep muscle tension, to untie knots so the body can accumulate energy in every part of the body through better circulation, or, Life Force. Accumulating life Force can help one live a healthy long life.

Now, don’t get me wrong, to achieve this, your practitioner will need to apply greater pressure, and this may cause discomfort, but the future benefits from one session are immense. Deep massage works on deeper layers of muscles, towards the fascia and bone for structural correction (meaning long term benefits) which increases chi in the body so you become healthier and younger — sooner.

Sounds pretty darn good to me, where do I sign up?

Well, if you are anything like me and you like saving money for delicious Nebbiolo Red wine, then moving forward you will stop paying your Light technicians rent, and invest in yourself instead.

So these are my final words: Stay away from the soft serve.

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