Why Massage is Great?

Many ask, “Why should I get a Massage?”

And in this article I plan to break down the essence of massage, in a very simple, straight forward way.

Massage is an ancient form of healing, used for thousands of years to offer relief from pain, to restore spirit, provide comfort, boost energy, to accumulate energy in every part of the body.  Simple.

Why Get A Massage?

Well, the tactile action of a massage has many, many benefits. Massage has the ability to enhance one’s own awareness of the body, which activates all senses in order to connect to the breath, and that, in and of itself — has the power to improve posture. Bad back, bad health. Good back, good health.

In addition to the organic posture correcting one receives while getting a massage, a massage can break down waste held in the muscles and improves the cleansing role of the lymphatic system.
Why is that important? Well, The lymphatic system is a crucial part of your immune system, thats why.

The lymphatic system, or lymph nodes, drain fluids called lymph and is transported back into your bloodstream. Very important!   They remove waste and carry white blood cells to help prevent infection.

There are many ways to live optimally, but I have found getting at least one massage per month to be one of greatest investments you can make to your overall well being.

More benefits of getting a massage

A massage actually speeds up the natural healing process of the body. Thats right. In addition to that, a massage calms the mind, and balances emotions.  Now how important is that?

And by reaching the emotions of the individual, it evokes change in that person.

How to tell if you need a massage?

Listen, life is tough. I know. People are constantly getting in our way, and some of them are even trying to get whats mine. Or, whats yours. So we need an outlet. A place to let it all go. Because if we don’t, god forbid, one day we might snap. And that wouldn’t be very cool, now would it?

So, take a look at yourself in the mirror and look for a few signs to see if in fact you are in need of a massage:

  • Neck is bent forward?
  • Rounded shoulder? (instead of wide and relaxed)
  • Face and jaw are tight with tension?
  • Chest caved in?
  • Spine rigid?
  • Upper Body leaning forward?
  • Knees stiff and locked back?

If, after taking a good and honest look at your body in the mirror, you said yes to at least two of the signs above, then it’s time for a massage before you prematurely age or explode.

And listen, I understand it isn’t in everyones budget to spend $115.00 every month for a 60-minute massage. The costs add up, I get that. The good news is there is a better and more affordable way to get the benefits listed here in this post.

You see, there is a Korean master named Ahn. Who perfected the science of massage without ever having to leave home.  Master Ahn learned acupressure techniques in his childhood from his grandfather, and has also studied Korean and Japanese Shiatsu intermittently since 1953, as well as various Western forms of body work since 1960.

And he created Chi Bodywork, which is the result of this harmonizing of both the Eastern and Western massage methods. He has been practicing his unique technique of Chi Bodywork for over 40 years, and has helped numerous people influentials to regain their health.  You might want to check it out.

Final Words – Save yourself the monthly cost of massages, and use simple, safe, at home massage techniques that help you live a healthy long life for a fraction of the cost.


Acupressure, Shiatsu, and Tai Chi Grand Master Ahn has been helping people take at least 10 years off their age (and looks) for over 60 years, to an elite and private clientele.

And now, his techniques are available for you to use, again and again, in the comfort of your own home.

The techniques are simple, safe, and very effective in improving body alignment and facial symmetry, too. They will guide, and help you to release blockages in the muscles, skin, and fascia that are preventing optimal circulation; the techniques will help you release tension that you don’t need to carry anymore. And when we release tension and restore optimal circulation, posture improves, deep lines soften, and the skin becomes rosy and plump again.  Naturally.

The techniques are proven, and many people have enjoy their results while also not burning a hole in their wallet to do so.

All of this is available to you as a downloadable PDF and can be found at Life Force Secrets.  It’s all there!

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