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Facelift Exercises – 5 Great Ways You Can Tighten Your Skin

We can do a lot to tone and strengthen our bodies, but only a few of us stop and think about how we can do the same for our faces. These Facelift exercises will provide you with some wonderful insight.

The muscles found in our faces are responsible for the facial structure. These muscles help tighten skin depending on how you use them. Facial muscle exercises are just as important as cardio and stretching are to have a lean body.

However, with this comes a lot of questions.

People often ask whether face exercises work or not. But the truth is that these exercises significantly impact the appearance of one’s facial structure. It helps give you a lifted appearance without getting any invasive surgery done.

This post will go over some exercises that can provide you with tighter skin but can also be quite exhausting for most of us who have busy lives.


Making repeated gestures and exaggerated expressions to stimulate and strengthen muscles is the main idea behind facelift exercises. Consider it face resistance training – by bolstering the structure that keeps everything together, drooping around the jaw and eyes may become less frequent over time.

Loss of suppleness and the progressive displacement of fat pads between muscle and skin, which tend to slip lower over time, contribute to facial aging. The theory behind exercising is that the fat pads will be more likely to stay in place by strengthening the muscles, giving the face a fuller, more youthful appearance.


Yes, face exercises are effective. A dermatology professor at Northwestern University, Dr. Murad Alam, looked at the link between the finest facial exercises and skin health. Here’s how his research was conducted and what he discovered:

  • Individuals of ages 40-65 were tested and monitored for 20 weeks.
  • The participants did various facial exercises for eight weeks to tighten their skin every day for 30 minutes. After the 9th week through week 20, they started alternating days.
  • The results were concluded after comparing before and after pictures. The researchers used a facial aging measure scale to decide if there was any difference during the weeks that had passed.
  • The average skin of the women initially appeared like that of a 50-year-old in the beginning. But after closer observation, the researchers found that by the 20th week of the study, the women’s skin age had decreased to 48.1 years.

Hence, there is no mistaking that facelift exercises have a massive impact in tightening your skin and bringing it back to its original form, slowly but surely.


Master Ahn is notable for his simple, no-nonsense, get-right-to-it and get results fast approach to natural face-lifting. With his techniques, you only need your 2 thumbs and the techniques described in the book.

With that being said, you do not need to do any of the exercises described below – Not a single one because they can be a little daunting to get through, and some of them are difficult to understand; here, see for yourself:

  • Brow Raiser
  • Stick your middle and index finger together
  • Place them above your brows and start pushing the skin lower
  • Keep making your skin go up and down. While you do this, keep adding tension when you push your fingers down
  • Repeat six sets with 10 eyebrow raises and drops with each set
  • Cheek Lift

If there’s one thing we know every woman wants (on her face) are high cheekbones!

Chubby cheeks are cute and all, but there’s nothing like the sharp definition defining your cheeks. This exercise proves just how hard it can be to get that in a short time.

  • Place your middle and index finger over each cheekbone after joining them
  • Lift the skin of your cheeks upwards until you feel it getting tight
  • Form an “O” by opening your mouth. You will start to feel resistance in your cheek muscles
  • Hold this position for at least five seconds
  • Repeat this exercise for 10-15 sets.
  • Double Chin Lift

The only muscle you should be blaming for that double chin is platysma.

  • Sit or stand, and look up at the ceiling by tilting your head back.
  • Keep your head still and touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Your muscles will start to contract.
  • Start letting go slowly and bring your chin back down. Repeat this in sets of 5. Each set should last for 25-30 seconds with your tongue being held
  • Yoga for Eyes

As time passes, not only do your eyes start to feel droopy, but your eyesight starts to decrease. This exercise can help you, but not more than the secret technique of applying light strokes.

  • Press the inner corner of your eyebrows together with both middle fingers. Then use your index fingers to apply pressure on your eyebrow’s outer corners.
  • Look upwards at the ceiling, lift the skin you are holding into a strong squint, and relax.
  • Repeat this exercise 6 times for 10 seconds
  • Pucker Your Lips

One of the things no woman is a fan of is having fine lines around their lips. The lips not only become smaller and chapped after a while, but they also have irregular lines surrounding them.

  • Sit straight and gently purse your lips
  • Try to concentrate on lifting your pursed lips upwards toward your nose
  • Lift your lips as high as possible for 5 seconds, then relax
  • Repeat this exercise 5 times

Do you think this requires a great deal of conviction? Well you could skip all of this and learn more about Master Ahn’s technique which comes down to knowing where to place your thumbs, the direction of the movement, and correct pressure that is required. That’s all. And all it takes is 5-minutes a day to take at least 10 years off your age.


Facelift exercises are easier with the groundbreaking ChiBodyWorks book, which offers you all the secrets to gaining a natural lift at home.

Life Force Secrets is the brain child of Tai Chi, Acupressure and Shiatsu Grand Master Ahn.

He has provided an elite and private clientele with proven, simple, and effective solutions for body alignment, repair, and natural facelifting to tighten skin and remove wrinkles for the past 60 years.

And now, his secrets are available for you to use, again and again, in the comfort of your own home, and, without the need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on surgery or expensive machines.

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